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  • 5350 E High St, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Oh the club life. I never thought I'd be a club guy. I probably still ain't a club guy. But here I am. In the club. Clubbing. Clubbing harder than ever. That's right I'm getting a guest spot and YOU could be HERE watching ME. But I doubt it cause I'm adding this even after the fact because this was such dope show I needed to have digital evidence that it REALLY happened. Feature WAS Danielle Williams w/ headliner Langston Kerman.

I had such a splendid set I was invited back to do the second show on Saturday. Shannon was very nice to offer it to me and when I came back well I wish Shannon told House of Comedy that night. Because I ALMOST didnt get to go up but I complained like a TOTAL bitch, said I told people to come out to the show and Greg was awesome enough to withdraw and give me his spot. Another comic told me he had to take an important call but he was just being insanely generous. ANYWAY fun background info my awesome successful journey into comedy!