• Comedy Off Main St. (map)
  • Mesa, Arizona

Aftermath. Better than its counterpart Previousmath this show is one for the books. Where the library holds these novels no one knows and if you own them I pray your illiterate. But if you had the power to read one book it would be this one OH how I would choose this one. We got Stand-up, Improv, Singing, Smoochin' and WE GOT POPCORN OH YES ITS A SHOW. ITS A SATURDAY. I'M DRUNK (and Hi) AND BOY OH BOY IS IT EVER A FABULOUS DAY. CMON down TO the BEST BARCADE someONE with CASH ON HAND can buy. WOOP WOOOOOOOO this joke is well outplayed as I will be on the next show of the Aftermath this September 27th AT 8ISH @ Comedy OFF Main St.