• The Grid Games and Growlers (map)
  • Mesa, Arizona

What is this? Well its a podcast AND I'm on it, LIVE!? Come down to the Grid in Mesa and watch some dudes talk into mics are pray to GOD someone can carry the show. I listened to an episode and found it entertaining and my only goal is to not have the worst episode or maybe do have the worst. Breaking records is always neat. Doubt it will happen though since I know we have Dan Thompson coming to the plate and that boy can swing a bat OMG ITS ALIVE STOP SWINGING THAT NOCTURNAL CREATURE!

Tickets are $5 at the door. It's also episode 100 so lets make it special! Whats nocturnal mean? Does anyone read these!? I'M PRETTY SURE NOT! I LOVE EVERYONE! DRUNK ON A SUNDAY!