• Comedy Off Main (map)
  • 38 S MacDonald, Mesa, AZ 85210

That's right WE'VE STARTED A SHOW! Now I've never show ran ANYTHING and well this doesn't really count either as its mostly Kevin's idea but I was on board as soon as he pitched me the idea. So the idea is he books the out of state LA comics and I book the AZ comics and that's the show. As of now we might change some stuff up but until then what we know is its happening again October 19th and the fantastical line up is:

AZ comics: Derek McFarland, Jonathan Gerber, Daniel Thomson 

LA comics: Kelly McInerney (headliner), Heather Thomson (not related to Dan), Cindy Aravena

Flier due out early October. Oh and tickets are $10 and no drink minimum and the LA comics will be doing time at This Week Sucks Tonight afterwards.