Dawg, listen. DAWG! PAY ATTENTION IM TALKING DAWG. Listen, I'm on this show SHUT THE FUCK UP LISTEN. Okay, listen I'm on this show at Queens and its gonna be LIT AS A FUCKING JEW and I need y'all there. I promise MY material wont be as anti-semantic as this post but I can't speak for the other comics so just know I gave you some warning and at the same time know you don't really care. No one reads these things. Ever. I got one comment on this site and it was to buy some FUCKING WINDEX! WHAT!? WINDEX!? Does that product REALLY need gorilla marketing where you spam a mans site. Do you even die if you drink an entire bottle? The product is a piece of shit. Bleach? Now that's a product that can REALLY get the soul out of anything.