• Memorial Union (map)
  • Tempe, Arizona

One of my absolute favorite shows to be on. Truly. 821 days ago when I started stand-up (I keep a jail like counting system of how many days its been) I never would have thought I'd be called in to do feature spots for shows. And the fact its my third time being asked back is truly a blessing *sobs* And...hang on, I'm getting emotional. *cries* It's just *cries* you... *cries* I just want to say we can fight the pollution going on in that Asian area where its real bad. I accept this award and just wanted to say something I felt was more important then why we're all here in the first place. I know you if you won you wanted to thank your family and friends for supporting you but HOW ABOUT YOU SUPPORT THE RAIN FOREST YOU SELFISH FUCK!? THINK OF THE BEARS OR WHATEVER! 

See ya at the MU for more of w/e that is.