That's right its a battle to Florida and guess what YOU CAN'T COME SEE ME PERFORM! Haha. Why? Cause I created this event two days after I lost. And its not like anyone gives a shit to see me TRY TO BE A CHAMPION *cries*. So dumb. Holy shit I told my friends to come and that my video was selected and no body came which I was like "Well guess I'm in no hurry to post it on the website then. Nah, they're fine. It's on a Monday so they were busy right? THEY WERE BUSY RIGHT!?

Anyway I just wanted to properly record the day I competed and saw Rob Maebe, Charles Engle and Geof Piccarreta have their well deserved glory. Great job fellas. I love and equally hate you with immense jealously. 

Oh and this was my first time on the stage of Stand Up Live which was pretty neat. Never thought I'd ever be able to set foot on that thing without bringing 30 people to get a few minutes of stage time and them a few hundred dollars. Such a wonderful thing to do in the arts.