• Pollack Tempe Cinemas (map)
  • Royal Palm Plaza, 1825 E Elliot Rd
  • Tempe, AZ 85284

2017 is coming in hot with a brand new booked show started by Quentin Hill which I am honored to be apart of. We weren't going to have a headliner but Mike Enders went full diva and wouldn't join unless he was first billing in this prestigious pro-bono event. The line-up is super killer and tix are $10 ($15 for 2) at the door so pretend to come down and support the arts even though I just KNOW you a'int coming to this when you totally should, piece of shit. I READ ALL MY WEB TRAFFIC! NO ONE COMES TO MY BOOKED SHOWS! I mean I understand my audience is mostly comics that only care about where the mics are at but just using me like some kind of...stepping stone *cries* you should be ashamed or so guilt ridden you'll buy a ticket this coming Thursday January 19th at this classy venue. Hope to see ya there ya selfish piece of trash.