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Isn’t it beautiful? Please don’t make me go extinct like the dinosaurs.

Isn’t it beautiful? Please don’t make me go extinct like the dinosaurs.


I did it! The Update nobody but me wants to see!

After four long years of procrastination and realization of the actual usefulness of the website (and tired of bleeding cash) I've decided to add a feature that will cover the dreaded Squarespace annual charge of $192 and as soon as I hit that goal I'll disable the button/link until next billing cycle.

When you donate you’ll be immortalized on this page with your first name and last initial. If you want more like full name & a plug just hit me up via Twitter or email ( but I’ll probably hit you up first if you want a mini bio or something. Be part of history. Be part of the legacy. Marketing. Branding.

Seriously, if you have a certain profile you want to link out let me know. Any request in general. I’m kinda a whore for money!

I'll update you on how close I get. We’re in 2019 and last year my $192 dollar goal was sadly not met and personally I blame most jobs not paying employees enough to have cash to spare. I work for Kroger, I know. Another major factor may be the crap 3rd party Stripe payment system which Squarespace leaves as the only option to receive donations and I find the software kinda *bleh* sooo I’m adding my Venmo QR code as well which you can use to donate whatever you can. Just help me reach $192 for the love of god. Once again as you’ll read below the fam has helped me out to an early start.

UPDATE 6/7/19: I’ve downloaded and started using “Cash App”. Find me as “$TrevorSkies”


Currently at $146/$192 for 2019

Mom: $20 (Thanks again & love ya Mom!)

Dad: $1 (Thanks for believing in me Pops!) 

Arizona Lou - Want to see Lou LIVE?! He has a website tooooo and has so many links you’ll go “Wow. Thats alot of links” to stuff you didn’t even know about. LOUisms? My favorite out of the…269! Jesus Lou. So prolific. My favorite out of the one I looked at was number 54 which was “Indecision is often worse than the wrong decision - Barnum.” Hey wait. I thought LOUisms were like uhh your own words not another persons…nevermind. Thanks for the donation Lou!

Hector G. - The "G" stands for g-g-generous! (also Garcia) Hector hails from somewhere in Texas and you can see him hitting the scene allllll week. If you follow him on Snap @hectorgarciajr you can see him uploading absolutely everything in sight. Thanks again for the donation bro!

Ashwin - I’ve caught Ashwin running around the scene and from what I’ve seen he’s a funny dude I see at Devils and Woodshed and you can catch him grinding the scene throughout the great state of Arizona. Thanks Ashwin!

Carrie Carson - Here’s her Twitter handle. Thanks Carrie! Carry on.

Mark Flores - New guy just met him and GREAT first impression. TY Mark!

Michele Paden - Thanks Michele! Michele is going through a career life crisis (so unrelateable) atm and has started the craft of stand-up. Cya around the scene (but hopefully for not more than a year or two, I need to gtfo of AZ)

Jack - Spaced on the last name BUT pretty sure I can double check my Venmo history and add it later. Heck, could get it done right now but my brain is all “Procrastinate. Procrastinate every day until the day you die.”

Paul J. - Don’t know who you are buddy but thank you kindly!

Indigo - Thanks girl!

Patrick Chandler - Thanks Patrick! Tell Sheri I say “hi!” and if you see Uncle Frank tell him that if I can see his Facebook postings then uhhhh…so can his employer ;-)

Arizona Lou - Some of you are like “Didn’t you already mention Lou?” I did but when you make another donation months later you get another shoutout capeesh? Go check out his website and get lost in the treasure chest of links. AZ Lou has had his website years before companies like Squarespace made it so easy. So if you want to look at what every website in the 90’s looked like go check out that beautiful chaos.

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