Open Mics

List of Arizona stand-up open mics as of November 2018. Mostly in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and non-Tucson areas.


Open Mics

List of Arizona stand-up open mics as of November 2018. Mostly in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and non-Tucson areas.


Oh my god if it isn't an up-to-date list of currently running stand-up comedy open and booked mics in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe/Mesa area as of November 14th 2018. 

***Most recent updates

-(11/14) No more Tukee’s on Monday.

-(11/14) Finally added “Stand-Up vs. The World” booked comedy show @ ASU’s memorial union. Are you from out of state? ASU if you didn’t know is a college that thousands of locals go to (cause its close by) and after paying thousands for tuition realize it somehow doesn’t come with a parking pass. Well, least they’re about education first and not profits.

-(11/8) No more Sunday 7 Show at Highside on Sundays.

Also disable ad-blocker for JUST THIS WEBSITE PLEASE (I don't even run ads...yet) because if a mic gets cancelled or a new one added I display an announcement bar (not an overlay although I do have an overlay that makes a joke) at the top of the screen and most ad-blocker's catch it. It's up to you, personally IDC cause I make no money from clicks....or anything really ya ad-blockin' bastard. 

People said it couldn't be done, comics said no one is capable of putting in the energy to update a site for 5-10 minutes a week and I said "Yeah it does seem tiresome" but here we are with the mics people are brave enough to run EVERY week. Also totally contact these people or me for confirmation if you're hesitant to show up. None of these people are busy and have nothing better to do then feel important so...make their day! 

If you are a touring comic first let me just quickly and politely implore you to consider me as your opener. Just for even ONE show. Here's a video to sway you. Did you like it? If you did uhhh PLEASE TELL ANY COMEDY CLUB THAT I BEG YOU! Also, can't wait to hear back from you. And second, congratulations! You hit the jackpot of open mic websites for AZ mic information.  But just HOW LONG will I keep this up?!

Monday: [HALF BOOKED / HALF OPEN] - Devil's Advocate - Tempe - Sign ups start at 8:00 (yeah already right into it), Fish Food at 8:30 (dont care what that is? then keep reading) and show at 9 (sometimes usually and unfortunately later). This mic is ran by the ghost of Dustin Rounds and Zach Fish so contact either if you want to be on the booked portion. If you just wanna show up go up then after the booked portion is over you can get a few minutes during the open mic that follows. Here's a super detailed filer with superfluous amounts of information. Also this mic you’re ganna wanna hit last on Monday because 1) The open mic list is always somehow full when it comes out and 2) The audience is usually willing to listen more to comics near the end of the show when they’ve had enough fun drugs and booze to sedate them. Or they’ll ignore you. Whatever do what you want IM just trying to be helpful. Also if you get there write my name down please.

Monday: ThirdSpace - Phoenix - Yes there's a mixed variety open mic and it starts at 7:30 and is ran by Savanna Lutmen. I originally had it up here but took it away after hearing mixed things but I GUESS I was misinformed and now I have to, unlike most "journalists", actually go down there one day and get the FULL scoop. 

Tuesday: Dos Gringos (South tempe location) - This is ran by Jill Kimmel and the crowd is mostly all comics. Jill also is usually busy and hands the reins down to local favorite comic, who no one would EVER block, Patrick Chandler to run the show (Don't tell Jill but I KINDA prefer Patrick, the man entices us with wonderful spirits). It also coincides with Taco Tuesday which has numerous tasty deals. This open mic starts at 7:30 and ends before 9:00 typically because it gets 6-8+ comics which is awesome. I don't know how much time you get but if you're killing it I would say keep going forever. I love this mic as it is the most consistent weekly open mic. 

Tuesday: Tempe Tavern -This is ran by the always cheerful Jeremy Ditto. Starts at 8:00 and sign ups are at 7:45. Typically. I've done it a few times and its been great! JK! This place is a nightmare! But if you're desperate for that stage time get your buns on down to the tavern and order a frosty ale and sling a few jokes. Maybe hear a few jokes, laugh at a couple or maybe even cry. Feel something because if you feel nothing I GUESS YOU'RE A PSYCHOPATH! Which means you're probably a Leo and good at business or politics.  

Tuesday:  Catalina Sports Bar and Grill - Phoenix - Ran by the funny man child Derek McFarland this mic is a gem. Derek also runs a booked show at "The Sic Sense" theater on Sundays so if you're interested in getting time on that what better way to accomplish that then asking Derek in person. If you don't know what he looks like, just look for a guy who looks like he's good at math but totally isn't. Sign-ups are at 7:00 and show starts at 8:00. Great mic to go to before hitting Grand Ave. 

Tuesday:  Grand Avenue Pizza Company - Phoenix - I misspoke. In a previous description of this mic I said it was "inconsistent" and "other negative thing" and I need to clarify. Times have changed and so will this description. Ever since the new leadership was passed to Trejon Dunkley the show has been runnin' SMOOTH as eggs. In fact shes made the VERY wise decision and is having her boyfriend comic Guisseppi Giovanni help cohost with her so yeah look for an opening for a new cohost come 2019 (or much sooner?). The show starts at 9:00 (list around 8:30) making it very easy to hit any mic at all and then making the drive to Grand Ave. Also comics get a pizza deal which is 2 slices (cheese, pepperoni and/or specialty slice) and a drink for $5.99. Actually, the deal might be for everyone I'm not certain. DO THEY STILL DO THE “DEAL”!?

Tuesday: [BOOKED MIC]Bridgett's Last Laugh - Phoenix - Since I've started comedy 4+ unsuccessful years ago this booked mic is what every showrunner aspires their room to be. The man, the myth, a legend in the hidden temple John Henry (shout out to the orange iguanas) started this mic to forget the divorce and I'm sure it didn't but what I do know is that the show starts at 8. They even mock that club thing where they have an intro video play before the show. VERY professional. I tried to find it on youtube but gave up rightfully so after 2 minutes. So if you manage to see it make sure to click like & subscribe because otherwise you'll never find it again. I didn't add this mic to the site until now since I hadn't been on it for a while as I'm notoriously bad at asking to be on shows, which reminds me uhhhh put me on shows please. And again this mic is a huge staple in the local scene. All the regs try and get booked on it unlike the dumpster booked mic at Spinelli's (SPOILER ALTERT for mics on Thursdays). 

Wednesday: Toso's Bar & Restaurant - Phoenix - [Cancelled?] This mic is the furthest away from me so I frequent it the least. Although the times I did perform there it was quite a memorable time. No positive memories though. The host of this show is Charlie Speez and the list comes out at 6:30, show starts at 7. Call ahead, not for the show, but to make sure the business still has its lights on.

Wednesday: [BOOKED MIC] - The Grid Games and Growlers - Mesa - A barcade of brilliance. This booked mic is ran by Matthew Walker and starts at 8:00pm. This mic isn't every week though. It's every OTHER week so as a gift I'll tell you the next booked show will be 11/14/18. Also this bar doesn't sell liquor which is CRAZY to me because I ordered a vodka and was GIVEN a drink. It was later I found out it was a 40 proof wine type drink that they just doubled the volume of to make for an 80 proof vodka one. Without telling me. Anyway figured I share that story with you incase you weren't already bored or w/e. 

Wednesday: The Woodshed -Tempe - It's a Wednesday mic! And...before I give the deets let us take a moment of silence for all the mics I wasted time adding that got cancelled this year of 2018 previous and onwards…. Grill on Mill, Loft Again, 408 Pizza or some shit, Bogey's, Queen's Pizzeria, Murphys Law, Grid (open mic), Monkey Pants, Comedy Off Sunset off Comedy Off Main St. (hey I’m a co-producer on that show), Comedy in Casa Grande (hey I also ran show what gives?) Chop and Wok, Sand Shark Bar & Grill, The entire “Comedy Off Main Street” comedy club, Timeout Lounge, Sunday Seven at Highside, Tukee’s and the many other ones I'm sure were cancelled for pretty good reasons. May all you open mics be remembered as much as an unmarked grave. Just know you existed for at least a day which is a success in it of itself. So many comics think about starting a show and never do but at least these people, who I forget, took a chance and gave birth to these now abandoned children. That's the takeaway I want you to have from all this. Don't ever get an abortion, just abandon your kids. Give them a life no matter HOW painful. Alright and on that revelation this mic that I'm sure has a bright future is ran by the hilarious Zach Fish and co-produced with by the drunk local-young retired-radio announcer (did I say drunk?) Ben Anderson! Sign-ups are at 8:00pm and show starts at 9:00pm. Oh, and if you get there during sign ups Mr. Fish will be doing his interactive "Fish Food" segment before the show starts occasionally. What’s "Fish Food" you ask? Well its when Zach Fish gets his computer and loads up interesting YouTube and in a Hail Mary attempt tries to riff a joke on it. The struggle and videos are VERY fun to watch. 

Wednesday: The Quail Lounge - Phoenix - Originally an orgy house, Quail Lounge is a beauty of an open mic and is ran by local farmer Steve Maxwell. Now they claim sign-ups are at 8:30 and they also claim the show starts around 8:45-9:00 but from what I've SEEN this mic starts when the bar starts paying attention so it starts KINDA LATE. Very fun show come check it out. Its like a Catalina's crowd but the heckling is even MORE close to you. There's also a rumor if you say "crazy" three times into the ladies room mirror on a stormy night Ronnie D will show up and rant about her vagina. 

Wednesday: [BOOKED MIC] The Lounge - Phoenix - A common obvious question I get is “Trevor, Lord of Laughter, what mic should I go to for a full room?” Well, look no further! (which you won’t anyway cause you lazy) One of the rare weekly comedy shows with a consistent full room. Booked well in advance you should waste no time hitting up Bryan Ricci for a spot. Also free pizza for performers. Starts at 8.

Thursday:  Improvmania - Chandler - Honestly, I don't EVEN WANT to put this on my site. From what I've seen they get a steady crowd which is pretttyyyyy sweet. But CURSE THIS JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY AS THIS MIC RUNS EVERY THURSDAY @ 8:00PM, OPEN MIC SIGN UPS AT 7:30. THE WONDERFUL RYAN PAUL JOHNSON RUNS IT AND IS A HEROES TALE OF COMEDY AND ACHIEVEMENTS YOU GOT ME BRO! YOU GOT ME!? WHAT!? YO PASS DAT MALBEC. HELL YEAH!

Thursday: [BOOKED MIC]ThirdSpace - Phoenix - Now again its a booked mic so book yourself well in advance as you can. In fact this is such a great room I'd suggest going there and groveling to Erin Ontko to get on. Maybe bring a bribe. I'd start at $0.00 and negotiate from there. It starts at 7:30.

Thursday: [HALF BOOKED / HALF OPEN] - Spinelli's - Tempe - If that sounds confusing to you, Jesus. Yes, you read that right. Its half and half baby! Open mic list comes out at 9:00, booked show starts at 9:30 and the open mic starts at around 10:30 (sometimes sooner). This mic was ran into the ground by Justin Tietjen so he let Matt Weir take over. Hit Matt up for a booked spot which is typically around 7 minutes (but trust me it'll feel ALOT longer) or just show up & sign up and get 4. If you're pondering wether there's a good crowd here YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR. 

Thursday: [HALF BOOKED / HALF OPEN] - Plazma - Phoenix - To start the theme of this show changes weekly. I've been to this mic once and originally I thought it was booked but I never knew it was open until I read the description so I better change my ways while I'm young. Boy, one day you'll be a man. Oh girl, he'll help you understand. Smile like you mean it. Smile like you mean it. Looking back at sunsets on the East side. We lost track of the time. Dreams aren't what they used to be. Some thinnnnggggggs sat by so care-less--ly. Smile like you mean it. Smile like you mean it. And someone is calling my name. From the back of the restaurant. And someone is playing a game in the house that I grew up in. And someone will drive her around down the same streets that I did, on the same streets that I did. The crossroads are Osborn and 16th and showtime is at 8. This mic is ran by Michael Palladino.   

Thursday: El Charro Hipster - Phoenix - First this mic runs every second and fourth Thursday of the month. Or so I’ve been told. Contact the showrunner for confirmation if you’re scared in your comedic boots about showing up to an empty room.. Haven’t gone yettttttttt cause I live in Chandler and Improvmania is wayyyyy closer, no offense Durrell Hearns showrunnner of this brand new ope mic that starts at 7:00PM. Dope flier by the way. Cant wait to go in 6 months so I can accurately describe the look on Durrell’s face from the grueling grind and eventual mental exhaustion it takes running a weekly mic. Boobies.

Friday: [BOOKED MIC] Highside Bar - Phoenix - OH SHIT! It's a booked Friday Mic and it just underwent some changes. Not sure all whats going on but I'll update this once I know more. I think Rob Probably runs this room now so hit him up for bookings.  

Friday: [BOOKED MIC] ASU Memorial Union - Tempe - Congratulations! Not every comic gets to go to college let alone perform and now you can do both on a Friday night performing for the children of the future apocalypse. My good buddy Quentin Hill and a lady comic who’s name escapes me (but she doesn’t know my name so like thats fair for now) run the prestigious “Stand-Up Vs. The World” comedy show every Friday night during the school semester. Starts usually at 9:00pm and uhhhh good luck finding the place. You will have to go downstairs and you will hate wherever you park BUT theres a full room so its a pretty sweet trade off. If you wanna get booked contact Quentin who will reply to you hopefully within the day. Never knew NOT WRITING would eat up so much of his time ;-)

Sunday: [BOOKED MIC] - The Sic Sense Theatre - Phoenix - Local comic & undercover high school cop Derek McFarland just upgraded from the dive bar life to an actual showroom! Derek ran Catalina Comedy which he did start to finish for 3 years and FINALLY will be enjoying the fruits of his labor. Now riding on the water theme this will be rebranded as "Castaway Comedy" as shown on the first flier here. When Derek broke the news to the owner about moving the show...well you should see the heartfelt exchange yourself. Show starts at 8:00 & there's a $5 cover. They serve beer there. Also is there a cover still? Guys if you can spare it bring $5 JUST in case. 

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There are some other mics around but I only like listing what I KNOW is currently happening as I don't want any outdated information like all these other garbage webpages I kept running into. This being a primary reason of why I've excluded certain shows because I simply don't frequent them enough nor hear about them and baby I WANT DAT consistency. So if all of what I've posted simply isn't enough, if SOMEHOW your comedy cravings desire more, even about the excluded shows, then I'd follow trevor_skies on Snapchat. Maybe you'll catch a venue or two I haven't posted about. Or bad one liners. Or nudity. 

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[BONUS WEEKLY THURSDAY FUN SHOW] Also if you have time (or don't. Make it.) and want to see the funniest weekly show Arizona has then check out "This Week Sucks Tonight!" at Crescent Ballroom every Thursday. Show starts @ 11pm. Ran by Anwar Newton and Michael Turner who every week put together a slideshow of news segments and put up comics in-between stories. You might have questions like "Will these comics be able to tell their jokes without interruption?" No. "Will I still laugh?" Yes. But not because the performer did well. I also help light the show with an old "Hollywood Video" spotlight. Also somehow this show is free, A CRIME I SAY!

Thats it for now if you want more information of the professional comedy clubs go visit House of ComedyComedy Spot, Tempe Improv, and StandUpLive.  StandUpLive and Tempe Improv often do monthly New Face shows so if you're looking for a sold out crowd and can bring 10 people (Your family, another family and one more incase neither family is Mormon) then this is the mic for you. If this information helped you at all I would like to guilt you into conveying a thank you of some sort through social or in person or hell just a simple follow on Twitter. Now run-a-long thats all I have





Bonjour, if you plan to catch me testing potential new material or polishing jokes I'll typically be at Devils, Dos Gringos, Tempe Tavern, Grand Ave (if its running), Woodshed throughout the week. This section feels like a waste. Like what NEW information did you learn? Places I'll be at that I already mentioned? I gotta..I gotta make this section of the webpage count. I gotta add something of value. Jesus. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "What should I talk about?" - An open mic comic