• Stand-Up Live (map)
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Hey fellow comic, you might not know this based on my material but I actually care about kids (some of them...DEFINITELY not all or like even half). But I definitely care about all the kids that attend Gateway Academy and that's because they're a school which specializes in giving autistic kids the attention they need and a place where they feel accepted.

Typically I never plug shows (ESPECIALLY ones where I'm not in the line up) because isn't that a comics DAILY life on social media? An endless sea of shows that's audience is mostly the line-up but HEY charity shows are different and actually have an end result that makes a real impact. Also its at a reputable venue. So I figured I definitely should help bring awareness (and hopefully even some ticket sales) where 100% of the proceeds go towards helping Gateway Academy build more facilities around the school. So if you can find the time and kindness deep in your comedic jaded heart please please please go to Stand-Up Live October 20th where laughs will be turned into the needs of the wonderful students at Gateway Academy. 

I'm super not bullshitting you either. I'm getting a ticket for the show as well because who are these jerks that talk about how important a show is but THEY can't make it? The nerve. Well, anyway hope to see ya at the show! And feel free to come by and say "hi" to me if you've never met me before or want to talk to me on a day where I'm not frantically thinking about my set list.

One more thing. You can put two tickets in your cart and add the promo code "gateway" at checkout to get 2 tickets for the price of 1 (Sort of. Theres still the service charge for the second ticket) Oh and if you want to avoid the 2 drink minimum just say you're a comic and they'll leave you alone.